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Rashtriya  sikh sangat is a Socio- Cultural Organisation, which propagates the massage of SANJHIWALTA of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Rashtriya Sikh Sangat wants to spread the knowledge of Gurbani not only to the 2-3 % Sikh masses of India, but also to the rest of  97-98% Indian society. Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is a holy scripture that represents the entire Indian sub-continent-THE AKHAND BHARAT.



                   Rashtriya sikh sangat was formed on 24th Nov. 1986 on the Guruprakash Purab of Jagatguru Nanak Sahibji  Maharaj.



          Late S. Shamsher Singh of Lucknow was first national & international Co-ordinator and convenor of Rashtriya Sikh Sangat. He toured extensively in different parts of the country as well as abroad ,.....tirelessly for 4 years.Over-work was reason behind his untimely            death.He breathed last on 16th Sept.1990.During his tenure asPresident of the organisation, there  were 90 branches in India, 16 chapters in U.K.,U.S.A.,&Canada.Though he was a bussinessman, but he was a highly literary person with deep intrest in ancient Indian Literature. He studied in National College Lahore. He wrote the “Teeka” of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s work Ramavtar and Bachitter Natak.


          Next President was S.Chiranjiv Singh of Patiala,a dedicated Social Worker,who started his service-mission as a whole timer (PRACHARAK). He is devoted to the cause of social amity and fraternity between the cross- section of the Indian society. He served as National President for 12 years.  He is great social worker,  famed for Sant Yatra inciated by he himself-“Brahamkund to Amritsar Yatra”. This Yatra was participated by eminent saints from different parts of the country belonging to different sects, that to during the black and grey phase of Punjab.


          At present, S.Gurcharan Singh Gill  of Bharatpur(Rajasthan ) is the President of the organisation.  He succeeded after S.Chiranjiv Singh andwas elected at the 7th Convention of Rashtriya Sikh Sangat in2002-2003.He started his career as a labour leader of Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh and was once State President  of B.M.S. Presently,being a prominent lawyer , he also occupied the post of Additional  Advocate General of Rajasthan. He fought for the cause of Sikhs and provided legal aid to Sikhs.  The Shromani Akali Dal assigned him as convenor of Blue-Star Operation legal aid committee for Rajasthan.  S. Simranjeet Singh Mann and others were in various jails of Bharatpur, Ajmer and Jodhpur. He also pleaded the cause of victims in different commissions such as Justice Mehta Commission, Justice Lodha Commission, Justice Gyani Commission.



For the entire global Sikh Community, “Punjab Areas” including Pakistan is considered as the home of Sikhism (Sikhi-da-Ghar). We remember “Amritsar Sifty da Ghar”, on other hand, the dimensions of Guru Nanak Prampara (tradition) can be seen throughout the Jambo-Dweep like a Boher Tree. Situational scenario is very important to understand the ground reality.We have to understand the Rashtra,.....the Bharata....., geographically, culturally, politically while keeping in mind the basic philisophy of Guru-Sahiban. Let us study this ground reality.

BANJARA A huge population of the people belonging to the Banjara clan live in the

SAMAJ    different  area of the country. In this country, there are millions of Banjaras living in the areas - U.P.,  Panjab, Haryana, M.P.,Chattisgarh,Maharashtra, Rajasthan,Gujrat, Andhrapradesh etc.     The historic personalities like Bhai Lakhi Shah Banjara and Bhai Makhan Shah Lubana belonged to the Banjara Samaj. Most of these are following the path of Gurudev (Nanak- Nam-Leva).

SIKALKAR                        Sameway, the Sikalkars or Sikligars are those Sikhs, who has direct

OR connection  with the sixth Guru Hargobind ji. They used to make

SIKALIGAR Sarab-Loh-shastra. They also live in different parts of the country,e.g. Madhya Pradesh, U.P., Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra.

SINDHI           It is the historic fact that a huge number of Nanak- Nam-Leva Sindhi Samaj

SAMAJ                   exists in the country.

MAHARAJA Once the Nizam of Hyderabad told Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji that his army

RANJIT SINGH    was indisciplined force.He asked the Maharaja to send atleast one battalion

 & HYDERABAD for his Raj.Maharaja sent the troops and made a Chavani there. Later, these Sikhs were called the Dakhni-Sikhs. At present, these Dakhni-Sikhs follow the path of Guru Nanak Dev ji .

GURU It is a historic fact that in Nanded Sahib, tenth Guru Gobind Singhji were

GOBIND SINGH with Sikalkar or Sikligar Samaj. These Sikalkar Sikhs are still living in the

& SIKLIGAR                    areas of Nanded”(Maharashtra), around “Dhule” and Indore(M.P.).


ASSAMEE     Ninth Guru Tegh Bahadur ji went to Assam on his journey to propagate the

SIKHS true path of Sikhi. An area called “Dumari” has the population of Assamee                                    Sikhs.Assamee Sikhs belonged to the Oham clan are still living in Barkola near Dibrugarh.Maharaja Ranjit Singh sent a troop to Assam to give them protection from Burmee tribes. These Sikh troopers never went back . After so many generation later, these Sikhs still live in Assam.

ANDOMAN The great freedom fighters faced the horrowfying days in the Cellular Jail of

& SIKHS Andoman. After so many generations, the Sikhs lived in Andoman.

BIHARI                   Bihar is the land of Guru Gobind Singh ji. The Guru’s followers still live in

SIKHS Bihar and are called the Bihari Sikh.

GARHWALI                   Padam Bhushan and Padam Vibhushan awarded Sardar Kunwar Singh Negi

SIKHS (Garhwali) of Braille-Gurmukhi fame told that in Pauri Garhwal,there are some places associated with the Udasis of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Negi has held a position of S.G.P.C. member.

SATNAMI There are lacs of Satnami Sikhs in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. Who recite satnam as part of Gurbani.

          Also, Sainis and Ramdasis live in different parts of the country.

One thing has to be understood that the great philosophy of Guru Sahibans is not limited to any particular area.  It is, infact, an Universal phenomenon.  Guru Gobin Singh ji Maharaj created the two Takhts, namely Takht Shri Patna Sahib (Patna) and Takhat Shri Hazoor Sahib (Nanded), outside Panjab.  These above mentioned segment of the Sikh society living in different parts of the country are facing heavy odds in their life :-

(a)          Poverty;

(b)      Lack of Education;

(c)      Lack of Gurbani Abhyas or Practice;

(d)          Unawareness of Gurbani Vichar or thought;

(e)      No knowledge of Rehat Maryada;

(f)          Inequality;

(g)      Existed vaccum in the relation with rest of the Sangat;

          No institution on earth is doing an iota of work for them.  It is only Rashtriya Sikh Sangat considers it as its area of work, Rashtriya Sikh Sangat is constantly working for them.

When Panjab was standing on a volcano during the period of terrorism of both kind-private and state in eighties,some unfortunate happenings deterimental to the cause of Sikh Identity and national unity . Sikh-psyche was influenced by the incidents, namely- Sikh Sangat- Nirankari conflict of 13th April 1978, Damdami Taksal- Jivan Singh Umaraonangal conflict,President rule in Panjab State impossed

By Congress,Akali morch,Operation Bluestar,Operation Thunder,Assasination of Smt. Indira Gandhi .......Then came the massacre of the Sikhs in Delhi, Kanpur, and other parts of India.

     One leader of the establishment said-  When a big tree falls, earth tremors.

       This was very irresponsible and cruel statement.

Our present  time President S. Gurcharan Singh Gill, a reknowned lawyer, had played an important and historical role for “Jodhpur Detenus” during the turbulent phase of the Panjab.  Rashtriya Sikh Sangat’s NRI cell played an important part in bringing back the so called “Black-listed Sikhs” to India.  Even harder of the hard elements are accepting this fact.
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